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China-USA Cardiovascular Symposium”

Hosted by & Chinese American Academy of Cardiology (CAAC) & ACRE-CNAHA Federation (ACF)

 Bourbon Orleans Hotel 717 Orleans Street, New Orleans, LA 70116, 32819, November 12th, 2016


         CAAC Symposium at AHA” and “CAAC China Night Reception”

                            Saturday Nov 12th 2016 in New Orleans, LA

Our “China-USA Cardiovascular Symposium” and “China Night” at 2016 America Herat Association (AHA) Scientific Session toke place on November 12th, 2016 in Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans (Orleans Ballroom, Bourbon Orleans Hotel 717 Orleans Street, New Orleans, LA 70116, 32819).  This event included a scientific symposium, a young investigator award (YIA) competition and a dinner reception.

The afternoon “Metabolic Vascular Disease Symposium” was composed of two sessions: 1) a featured scientific presentations session and 2) an abstract-based Young Investigator Award Competition, with awards for the top three presenters. After the symposium, the evening “China Night” event was a dinner enriched with remarks from AHA, NIH, CAAC, CNAHA and  Leadership, a Scientific Keynote speech, opportunities to meet Scientific Review Officers announcement of the winners of the Young Investigator Award, and of course, a great singing party afterwards.

We have more than 150 attendees for both events on November 12th, 2016. We offered YIA awards to 10 outstanding young scientists. Our next “Cardiovascular Disease Symposium” and “China Night” at AHA SS take place on Nov 11th 2017 @ AHA scientific Session at Anaheim California.

The lectures are open to all who wish to attend


Speakers will bring their presentations on a flash drive and load slide file on the laptop in the meeting room.

1:00-1:10 pm: Poster Set up

1:10-2:50 pm: Featured Scientific Presentation

(Chairs: Drs. Xiaoping Du and Simin Liu)

1.   1:10pm, Wang Wang, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Washington at Seattle

     Novel Signaling Mechanism Regulating Mitochondrial Dynamics”

2.     1:30pm, Xiaoli Tian, MD, PhD, Professor, Nanchang University

Human aging research institute and school of life science”

3.     1:50pm, Raj Kishore, PhD, Temple University School of Medicine

     “Stem cell exosomes for myocardial repair: sacks full of goodies or not”".

4.     2:10pm, Shijun Hu, PhD, Professor, Institute for Cardiovascular Research, Soochow University "Effect of Epigenetic Memory on Differentiation and Function of Human iPSC-derived Cardiovascular Cells".

5.     2:30pm, Qing Miao, PHD, Associate Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin

simvastatin reduced myocardial injury and atrial fibrillation by improving high density lipoprotein functionsimvastatin reduced myocardial injury and atrial fibrillation by improving high density lipoprotein functionsimvastatin reduced myocardial injury and atrial fibrillation by improving high density lipoprotein functionNuclear localization of liver X receptor promotes hepatic lipogenesis             

6.     2:50pm, Xiangan li, MD, PhD, Professor, University of Kentucky College of Medicine

“Novel sHDL as a potential therapy for Sepsis”


2:50-3:20, Keynote Speech:

Irving Kent Loh, MD

Director, Ventura Heart Institute, Principal Investigator, Westlake Medical Res., Thousand Oaks, CA

Repatha, A Focused Clinical Review”


3:30- 4:00 pm: Break and Poster Presentation


4:00- 6:00 pm: Young Investigator Abstract Oral Presentation:

(Chairs: Drs. Xiongwen Chen, Faqian Li & Yutao Xu; 8 finalists, 15 min talk+Q&A/each)

  1. 4:00pm, Nanhu Quan, University of Mississippi Medical Center: “Sestrin2 Prevents Age-related Intolerance to Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury via Modulating Substrate Metabolism” (PI: Ji Li)
  2. 4:15pm, Hanley Ma, Temple University: “A novel role of MG53 for protection against ischemia reperfusion injury in hearts” (PI: Hua Zhu)
  3. 4:30pm, Jianqiu Zou, Augusta University: “Inactivation of Neddylation Activating Enzyme 1 (NAE1) in Mice and Rats Leads to Cardiac Developmental and Functional Defects” (PI: Huabo Su)
  4. 4:45pm, Suowen Xu, University of Rochester: “Atheroprotective laminar flow represses the H3K27me3
  5. epigenetic mark in human endothelial cells through down-regulation of EZH2” (PI: Zheng Gen Jin)
  6. 5:00pm, Wei Li, Case Western Reserve University: “Role of thymidine phosphorylase in platelet activation and thrombosis” (PI: Roy L. Silverstein)
  7. 5:15pm, Aiming Pang, University of Illinois at Chicago: “Outside-in Signaling of IntegrinaIIbβ3 Mediates Shear-dependent Platelet Microvesicle Formation and Phosphatidylserine Exposure” (PI: Xiaoping Du)

“China Night”

Hosted by ACRE-CNAHA Federation (ACF) & Chinese American Academy of Cardiology (CAAC)

 Bourbon Orleans Hotel 717 Orleans Street, New Orleans, LA 70116, 32819, November 12th, 2016


Chairs: Drs. Yibin Wang and Minghui Zhou


Dinner (6:30-7:30 pm)


Welcome Speeches (7:30-7:40 pm)

Hong Wang, MD, PhD, Co-President of CAAC

Yuxin Fan, MD, PhD, President of CnAHA

Jianyi (Jay) Zhang, MD, PhD, president of ACRE


Leadership Remarks (7:40 - 8:00pm)

Mary Sorci-Thomas, PhD, Vice-Chair, AHA Council on ATVB

Svati Shah, MD, Chair of AHA Council on FGTB

Bradley S. Marino, MD, Chair of AHA Council on CVDY

Jennifer L Hall, MD, Chief, AHA Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine,

Zorina Galis, PhD, Branch Chief Division of Cardiovascular Science, NHLBI

Mr. Martin Tze, Medtronic

Mr.  , Amgen


Keynote Speech (8:00-8:25 pm)

T cell immunology in cardiovascular diseases

Klaus Ley, PhD

La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology; San Diego, CA


CnAHA Bernard Lown Lectureship (8:25-8:50 pm)

“Onco-Cardiology: Past, Present, and the Future”

Edward T.H. Yeh, MD

Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine, University of Missouri, School of Medicine


Special Speech (8:50-9:15pm)

Integrating state-of-the-art coronary chronic total occlusion angioplasty and new technologies

Emmanouil Brilakis, MD PhD

Director, Advanced Coronary Interventions, Minneapolis Heart Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Young Investigator Awards (9:15-9:30 pm)

Chairs: Drs. Xiongwen Chen, Yutao Xu & Faqian Li

Social Network (9:30-10:30 pm)


These events are kindly sponsored by Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Amgen

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