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“北美中华心脏学会”(CAAC) 主办的“美国心脏病学院” (ACC) 2016年会中国心脏专家欢迎晚宴于201642日晚在芝加哥顺利召开!中华医学会心血管分会主任委员、北大医院心脏中心主任霍勇教授及中国各顶级医院著名心内科主任、专家,包括安贞医院温绍君主任,阜外医院荆志成主任,仁济医院何奔主任,北京医院汪芳主任,华山医院李勇主任及叶子医师,积水潭医院郑梅医师等各位国内心内科专家、教授莅临招待会,与“北美中华心脏学会”的部分学会领导、会员欢聚一堂,交流学术,唱叙友情,共襄盛举!

The welcome reception sponsored by the Chinese American Academy of Cardiology (CAAC) for Chinese Cardiology leaders attending the 2016 ACC Scientific Sessions was hosted on April 2nd, 2016 in Chicago Chinatown. Cardiology chiefs and experts from several key Chinese cardiovascular hospitals including Drs. Yong Huo, Shaojun Wen, Zhi-Cheng Jing, Ben He, Fang Wang, Yong Li, Mei Zheng, and Zi Ye, etc.,  as well as several CAAC leaders attended this memorable event!



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